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About Me

Michael Rager

Your Business Guide

As an executive coach I tell my clients it is all about doing what you truly enjoy and if we can catch some fish, make new friends and learn how businesses really should work than it has been a great day.

I'm Michael Rager, your Business Guide and I want to

thank you for visiting Teach Your Business to Fish.  This portion of my business focuses on what I call experiential learning. People do learn a lot of things in the class room, but I believe that experiences are the best teachers. And as I see it what could be better than catching a trophy fish and learning timeless business principals at the same time. These programs are designed for the fishers and non-fishers alike. Whether you join me on an actual adventure or subscribe to my Teach Your Business to Fish video series you will learn the principles to become a REEL Success:

– Building and Leveraging RELATIONSHIPS

EQUIPPING yourself and team for success

– Instilling a winning and ETHICAL ATTITUDE

– Building LEADERS around you