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How to Apply the D.R.A.G. to Your Business

April 16, 2018

If you have been reading my blogs, you may have figured out I like, well make that love to fish. I find so many similarities between fishing and business that I feel I just have to share them.

If you have ever fished for big fish, the one sound that makes all anglers jump is the sound of the drag as line is screaming off a reel when a fish strikes. This sound gets my heart racing in a great way. The drag on a fishing reel has a few simple functions, but if it does not perform properly you will lose fish in a myriad of ways. In business, the D.R.A.G. needs to be applied properly as well, or it will fail as well.


When a big fish hits a trolled lure, the drag on the reel starts screaming, “Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.” The drag at this point is in strike mode. This allows line to move off of the reel at a pace fast enough to allow the fish to run, but slow enough so it doesn’t backlash and make a big tangle. The fisherman then moves the forward and applies more pressure to the fish to make sure the hook gets set in the fish’s mouth. Now the main purpose of the drag is keep the proper tension on the line to assist the angler in landing the fish. Early in the fight, the drag is looser, and this allows the fish to run and tire itself out. Later in the fight, the drag is tightened to allow the angler to apply more pressure to the fish and land it quickly. If the drag is too loose, a lot of line can be pulled from the reel, and if a fish turns quickly, the hook can just fall out. If the drag is too tight, the hook can pull, or the line can break, and the objective of the trip is not met.


In business I see drag as the following:


Direction – You need to know where your business is heading at all times. This allows you to course correct.
Reaction – Things will come up in business. They could be opportunities or threats. How you react to these will be paramount.
Adjustments – Once an opportunity or threat is identified, adjustments need to be made to the business plan. This will either get you back to course or set on a new course depending on the threat or opportunity.
Go – The business that is positioned to react to the opportunities or threats the quickest and most effectively generally has the best chance to capitalize. Run your new plan NOW.


Just like in fishing, the D.R.A.G. is an essential part of your business. Apply it correctly and you could reach all and more of your business goals. Don’t apply it correctly and opportunities may be just the one that got away.


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